Our company introduced and certified its quality management system in 2006, and since 2015 this has been integrated with our environmental management system.

Our management system, which is integrated and operated in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001 and MSZ EN ISO 14001 standards, is certified by the Hungarian Standards Institution for the following areas: manpower-leasing and recruitment, software development, and document digitalization and archivation.

As part of our environment-conscious system, we constantly monitor the environmental impact of our activities, whether it be the use of electricity, paper, and the disposal of paper, office and electronic waste.

Registration number:
ISO 9001: 503/1266(4)-1185(4),
ISO 14001: KIR/204(2)/180(2)


All our activities and services aim to support IT projects and support them in a variety of ways, whether it be project management in Hungary or abroad, or providing qualified personnel for a week or for years, the development of special software and their localization into various languages , the building of IT infrastructure with hardware purchasing, or system management based on today’s strictest and most reliable security technology.