Business Areas:

Software development

Our software development team consists of the best experts, each with decades-long experience.

We have a unique approach to our projects, project management is given the primary role, be it our own or our customer’s, and documentation, which we continuously prepare and hand over to our clients, according to their needs. We believe that perfect work is no longer enough today, we have to work in a plannable, transparent way.

We know that the best recognition is a returning customer. We have been working for years for a Forbes 50 company on a hardware development with 15 engineers of ours, to the greatest satisfaction of our customer.

We are proud that we have built a Nearshore Development Center for a large German logistics company with the help of our 40 software engineers. During the development, we worked with the most developed technologies and methodologies, in JAVA, .Net, TIBCO and Oracle environments.

Software localization and translation

We started our localization activities in 1993 by localizing Microsoft products. This not only meant translating it, but also adjusting the product to the local culture, legal environment etc. Creating the user interface of the Hungarian version of the product included all software engineering work and testing as well. Concurrently with localizing the programs, we prepared the Hungarian language sample applications, the documentation, the Help section, and other auxiliary materials as well. Customers soon included Apple, IBM, Oracle, Novell, Lotus, Symantec, Corel, whose products we also localized for the Hungarian market. Since 2000, we have been localizing medical, pharmaceutical and financial products, games, and Sincmarketing materials from English, German and French.

Besides Hungarian, target languages now include all Central and Eastern European languages, as well as Chinese and Japanese with the help of freelance translators and subcontractors. Apart from the most up-to-date translation tools, we have also been using special-purpose quality assurance tools built in-house.

Apart from full-scale localization work, we have also been providing testing and quality assurance services to other companies, as well as consulting services in the areas of terminology, preparation of term bases and software engineering and DTP work. If needed, we’ll take part in analyzing and planning the translation workflow with the customer.

The quality of the source text determines the quality of the target text, so, when requested, we will work with the customer to check the source text for style and quality. Our customers are mostly from Germany, the UK, Japan, and the US, but we also prepare foreign language materials for Hungarian companies as well.

We put extra emphasis on quality, cost effectiveness and the adherence to deadlines. We regularly take part in international conferences to keep up with the latest development in translation technology. Our company is a founding member of GALA, the industry’s international organization.

Our services include DTP work (pictures, graphics, infographics, their translation and insertion, preparation of tables of contents, indices, generation of PostScript files), linguistic quality assurance, testing (including linguistic and functional testing), software engineering work (editing and regressive fault fixing), printing, and documentation.

If requested, we will check for sources, and source files and make modifications if necessary.

We can also prepare the full documentation of Hungarian language programs (printed materials, Help section, training materials etc.), also the linguistic and functional testing, editing and proofreading and quality assurance of software, operating systems, applications, and web pages as well.

Thanks to the latest translation tools, our software, and quality control programs developed in-house, we work fast, effectively and accurately.

We have substantial experience in translating from English, French into all Eastern and Central European languages, as well as Chinese and Japanese.

But perfect quality is not enough. We also strive to provide a more readable, clearer, and more enjoyable translation than the original, both to our customers and to the users of the future.

Digitalization, document archiving

What is competitive advantage?

The best possible, most accurate and latest information and the decisions based on them.
But! A lot of information is from the pre-digital era. They exist on paper. They are needed to recognize trends and to make forecasts. A lot of information only exists on paper, and they must be made available in digital, searchable, indexable format for both employees and management.

Let’s talk about costs!

Documents accumulated over the years or decades take up a lot of space, their storage is expensive and cumbersome.

Let’s talk about security!

These documents now exists in one single copy, perhaps 2 or 3 copies, but all in one place. If anything happens at that location, and those documents are lost, it can be difficult or impossible to replace them. They also tend to fade out and become hard to read as the years go passing by.

We have a solution!

In recent years we have completed several significant projects from scanning to indexing and making documents searchable. We did this based on our multi-decade software and hardware experience, and by creating fast, well-structured databases for our clients, including friendly user interfaces, and training programs if needed, making the transition as seamless as possible.

Gain competitive advantage!
We’re here to help.

System Integration

One of our biggest projects is the RIS (River Information Services)

The RIS soluiton is an IT system fed by data from a central Vessel Traffic System, providing integrated services to further participants of river navigation. Goal of the system is the support of the RIS services, which will result in:

- increased safety (Minimizing the danger situations and accidents on the waterways),
- increased efficiency (maximum possible utilization of the ships and waterways, decreasing delivery timespan and loading/unloading time of the goods, decreasing fuel consumption, providing interfaces to other traffic methods),
- and development of environment friendly technology (decreasing the emission of toxic material, decreasing the damage caused by accidents, decreasing of dangers ).

One of the main objectives of the RIS is to provide a modern and environmentally friendly mode of transport, reducing hazardous emissions and the risk of accidents. Another main objective of the RIS is to improve river transport, technologies and services.

Distribution of Educational Instruments and Equipment

Gamax Ltd. is a leading distributor of educational products, dedicated to enhancing the learning environments of institutions.

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with China Educational Instrument and Equipment Corporation (CEIEC), designating Gamax Kft. and Acemil Zrt. as the exclusive Hungarian representatives and non-exclusive European representatives of CEIEC.

Our mission is to equip kindergartens, schools, and nurseries with top-quality furniture and supplies that foster learning and development. Our extensive product range includes:

- Indoor and Outdoor Furniture: Innovative and safe designs tailored for educational settings.
- Creative Learning Tools: Specializing in experiential learning, particularly in science.
- Educational and Leisure Accessories: A variety of products to support both educational and recreational activities.

Each item in our inventory is carefully selected to meet stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring that our customers receive only the best. Whether you need vibrant, engaging furniture for nurseries or durable, practical equipment for classrooms, Gamax Ltd. has the solution.

Explore our product range and enhance your educational environment with Gamax Ltd. We bring quality, reliability, and innovation to every product we offer. Let us help you create the ideal setting for education.

Visit us to discover how we can support your institution's needs and make the future of education accessible today.