System integration in complex IT and Telecommunication projects

e.g. RIS (River Information Services)

The RIS solution is an IT system fed by data from a central Vessel Traffic System, providing integrated services to further participants of river navigation. Goal of the system is the support of the RIS services, which will result in:

  • increased safety (Minimizing the danger situations and accidents on the waterways),
  • increased efficiency (maximum possible utilization of the ships and waterways, decreasing delivery timespan and loading/unloading time of the goods, decreasing fuel consumption, providing interfaces to other traffic methods),
  • and development of environment friendly technology (decreasing the emission of toxic material, decreasing the damage caused by accidents, decreasing of dangers ).

One of the main objectives of the RIS is to provide a modern and environmentally friendly mode of transport, reducing hazardous emissions and the risk of accidents. Another main objective of the RIS is to improve river transport, technologies and services

AI developments

SMART City with map matching

The City AI system is able to monitor the city's traffic using sensors (traffic cameras, our proprietary mobile app, inductive loops, real-time data from public transport). From the observed data, the AI module performs traffic analysis and then predicts traffic and recommends interventions. Based on these recommendations, the user can decide to immediately change the program of the traffic lights in the city, making traffic flow more efficient, and send notifications to the public transport company's passenger information system and mobile app. On a map the user can see the predictions for the overall conceptual situation of the city based on historical data, traffic statistics from camera image analysis, current traffic obstacles and the position of public transport vehicles.

G park - Smart traffic and parking monitoring for any situation

The G-Park AI powered Smart Parking Solution is able to adapt to any situation and city layout, be it urban or rural.

Traffic, pedestrian and parking monitoring is becoming increasingly important for our urbanizing world. As communities grow, cities have to keep up with the ever increasing traffic on their streets. The G-Park AI powered Smart Parking solution offers a cost effective and modern solution for traffic management and parking monitoring. Facts about G-Park AI powered Smart Parking Solution:

  • Accuracy – The G-Park object recognition module is able to accurately (re-)identify pedestrians, track vehicle traffic and detect license plates 99.5% of the time.
  • Extendability - Extending the monitored area is as easy as adding a new camera to the network, which seamlessly integrates with the rest of the system (plug ‘n’ play).
  • Stability – We fully commit to performing our best work to ensure the safety and stability of the system.
  • Flexibility - The G-Park AI module can be run on-premises or in the cloud.

Other software development projects based on specific needs

pl. connected cars

  • Complete problem solving using classic and modern software development methods
    Mobile and web applications.
    Desktop applications: development of thin and thick client-based, native and cross-platform solutions. Develop distributed business systems
    Cloud-based solutions: delivery and operation of business solutions built on Amazon (AWS), Google (GCP) and Azure cloud service provider platforms on a monolithic or microservice basis
  • Increasing BI process efficiency through machine learning
    Provide time series analysis and forecasting, integrating into BI dashboard. Supporting your decision processes with models developed using statistical learning to increase their efficiency.
  • Developing image processing algorithms
    Building classification and segmentation, object recognition and tracking models
    We provide solutions to your classification, clustering and segmentation challenges in your business processes using state-of-the-art machine learning methods. We also have extensive experience in developing object recognition and tracking algorithms.
  • Creating recommendation systems
    More effective product marketing and customer targeting through content-based, collaborative and hybrid recommendation systems
    Based on your business data, you can sell your products to your customers more effectively through targeted, personalised recommendations. Our content-based and collaborative recommendation systems are long-term business investments to increase profits.
  • Solving sequence-based problems
    Processing voice recordings, language modelling
    We have extensive experience in solving voice and text-based problems. Sentiment-based monitoring of social media to track the perception of your product in the market.
    Whether it's sourcing, manufacturing or logistics processes, analysing customer trends and habits, modern machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used to optimise your business processes.
    Our dynamic team works with state-of-the-art tools to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our partners. Whether you need traditional software or machine learning algorithm development, our company is at your service.

Our main ambition is to provide the best possible IT solutions to our clients, so we make it a priority to understand their needs and ensure that the development we provide solves exactly the problem they need. To do this, we take the time to ensure that we understand the details of the tailor-made solution with our partners and add that well-known twisted Hungarian wit, if not in the form of a Rubik's cube this time.