GamaxMédia Kft.

Video: the content of the future! Video is already playing a substantial role in everyday communications. Like so many other things today, we want this available instantly. Be it a sporting event, a concert, a conference, a party, we want it quick and we want it now.

The solution is broadcasting video content via the Internet, to any client from anywhere to anywhere!

  • We provide an enhanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) technology.
  • The complete CDN network and the CMS system attest to the superb planning and implementation capabilities of our engineers.

Due to its simple and flexible scalability, it can serve users from a few thousand to an extremely high number with premium quality very efficiently. The service model allows our customers to use this service without any capital expenditures, for a plannable operative cost.


GamaxMédia Kft.
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