Grosvenor Kft.


Within the Group, Grosvenor Kft provides payroll services. As part of this service, it provides payroll services to about 200 internal and 4,500 external leased human resources, as well as the full range of related HR administration as well. The organization also functions as a social security payment processing site, and operates a benefit system as well. The purpose of the service organization is to provide professional, complete HR administration, payroll and social security payments, and the related customer service. Our services are kept up to date to comply with all current legal regulations. Grosvenor Kft’s most important value is its high-quality in-house staff, allowing the provision of widely recognized high quality services. Senior managers of the company are well-known experts with decades of experience, who strive for the best quality services in both customer service and back office services. Our staff not only meet the requirements of domestic companies, but of large multinationals’ as well.


Grosvenor Kereskedelmi és Tanácsadó Kft.
1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 15/D
Tel.: + 36 (1) 3720692