Pannon-Work Zrt.


The Pannon-Work Group consists of Pannon-Work Személyzeti Szolgáltató Zrt., Pannon-Work Iskolaszövetkezet, Pannon-Work Diákmunkaszervező Kft., PannonWork Austria GmbH, Pannon-Work Slovakia s.r.o. and Pannon-Work Consulting Kft. The group is one of the most significant human resource suppliers in Hungary. We provide human resource selection and leasing services - of both students and full-time workforce - at 16 locations in Hungary, one in Austria, and one in Slovakia. The legal predecessor of PannonWork Zrt was founded in 1989. The owners and management of the Pannon-Work Group have been working in human resources for 25 years, and have accumulated substantial experience and knowledge in providing complex HR services. We provide human resource services, including selection, screening, and full administration, throughout Hungary and across the border as well.


Pannon-Work Személyzeti Szolgáltató Zrt.
1114 Budapest Bartók Béla út 15/D.
Tel.: +36 1 381 1048